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Catalike - Find like-minded strangers near you.

NOTE: This idea is Open Source and is governed by the “Good Karma License.

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  • Idea Credit: Avi Muchnick
  • Company Role: Advisor
  • Company Equity: 10%
  • Cost: $0 (a beer would be nice).
  • Investment: Right of first refusal to invest in your first round of funding.
  • Idea Includes: 5-Year Roadmap, Wireframes, Branding, Adoption, Files, Domain name



Catalike is a social discovery tool to help meet like-minded undiscovered friends in your neighborhood.


Many of us have experienced the feeling of being in a lonely crowd: Walking through a crowded city or being in between sessions at a conference and *knowing* that dozens of the people you pass by might be likeminded and fun to hang out with, but there’s no easy way to meet just them (without cutting through dozens of awkward icebreakers, small talk and then personal discovery to see if you align). 

What if you could pass someone on the street and get an automated alert if they shared your interests (and were looking for a meeting as well)?

Existing social software primarily facilitates communication and socialization between *existing* friends. Aside from dating sites, which often have clunky and arduous steps before the first meeting of strangers, there is no simple method of finding new like-minded people in your immediate geographic surroundings.


Using smartphones’ GPS data and Facebook bio data, we’re going to extend everyone’s potential social graph to include strangers nearby that you *would* want to meet (if only there was a way for that to happen). 

Imagine if everyone you walked by with similar interests to you had a virtual bubble over their head saying what you had in common. That’s what Catalike aims to do.

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or download the full Catalike presentation here

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